Political and unethical unrests in North Africa and Middle east has resulted in around 117,234 refugees settling in the UK, of which approximately 300 are reported to come to Coventry every quarter. Through offering a multidimensional employability programme including both soft and technical skills, we expect our beneficiaries to be much more integrated and equipped to achieve their career aspirations.


Through partnerships, we anticipate to improve and sustain the livelihood of refugees and asylum seekers through managing the marketing and sales of their handmade crafts. These traditional crafts, representative of their cultures include scented candles, pencil pouches, cloth bags and cushion covers.

Food Intercept

The amount of perishables thrown to landfills is costing the relevant industries £400-500 million each year. Thus, around 20kg worth of fresh produce can be easily collected by the team from Coventry alone each week.

We are working to tackle UK’s food waste problem through transforming this surplus food into longer-lasting products such as jams and ice-creams, adding an element of sustainability within the supply-chain.

Innovation Unit

An idea generating machine. This team has as core-goal the one to improve, develop and create new business ideas that can later become student-run Enactus projects.

The Innovation Unit team was opened in January 2017 and is an experimental project of Enactus Warwick to foster and improve the quality of its project as well as finding successful social enterprise ideas for the future academic years.