What is Enactus Warwick Consulting?

EWC is a student-led pro-bono consulting group which offers strategic advice to businesses, social enterprises and charities. We recruit students from a wide range of backgrounds and do not require business familiarity as we provide comprehensive training and support to all our students to fill any gaps in experience.

Importantly, our work centres around using entrepreneurial action to cultivate positive social change, selecting a portfolio of high-quality and highly-rewarding clients whose work and goals we deem to be socially impactful. As a result, we consult multifarious start-ups, local businesses and charities, and even large, international organisations, such as Global Dignity this year, or the United Nations last year.

Every project is assigned a group of six students: one Team Leader and five Team Members. These students are charged with forming a relationship with the client, identifying their problem, and conducting appropriate analysis to provide them with a set of instantly implementable solutions, often on a strategic level. Henceforth, the work of EWC closely models professional consultancy, offering our members an excellent experience and first-hand understanding for one of Warwick’s most popular career paths. We do not wield a preference for any particular degree background, but emphasise the value of diversity and treasure the unique skill set that any and every student can bring to a project.

What does an Enactus Consultancy project look like?

EWC projects normally last for six months, starting in Week 6 of Term 1 and ending before the Easter Break, allowing students ample time to begin preparing for their examinations.

Although each EWC project will be different, with every project requiring a different approach and every client a moderately different timeline, there are normally three stages which each team undergoes.

Stage 1: Meeting the client, understanding the project and conducting preliminary research.
Stage 2: Presenting the preliminary research to the client, refining the project’s direction based on client feedback and conducting secondary, deeper research.
Stage 3: Formulating a set of recommendations for the client, seeking advice from EY Professionals at the Consulting Business Advisory Boards (CBABs) and polishing the final presentation or report before presenting it to the client.

With every project, the aim is to finish by Easter to allow students the time to prepare for examinations in term 3, although this is not strict and can be negotiated depending on the students’ and client’s individual needs.

EWC’s Support Network

Given that many students who join Enactus Warwick Consulting may have never heard of consultancy before,  do not know how to structure a project or approach forming a relationship with a client, EWC provides ample support to students through our partnership with EY and support from various other consultancies who support the work of EWC.

At the moment EWC projects launch, students are invited to a Kick-Off event hosted by EY, where EY associates provide early insight into what to expect from an EWC project and consultancy in general, the type of work you can be expected to produce and how to get the most out of having an EY Mentor.

A week following the Kick-Off, all teams will be asked to attend EWC’s first training session, hosted by PA Consulting. This event will provide significant know-how on conducting market research and understanding your client’s operating environment, as well as how to identify the unique challenges your client may face. From here, training sessions continue biweekly, hosted either by the EWC Executive Team or a plethora of weathered and veteran consultants.

All training sessions are supplemented by the active advice and support of the project’s Client Portfolio Manager, who carefully monitors the progression of student projects to ascertain that teams meet deadlines, members remain content and that any major problems are resolved quickly and prudently.

The EY Mentor and other support provided by EY

As EWC’s longest-serving partner, EY delivers an immense amount of support tailored to every team. From the onset, each Enactus project is assigned a dedicated EY mentor who maintains regular contact with the team and provides their advice and perspective on the direction of the project. If team members have any questions or hold any uncertainty about the project, the Mentor acts as an experienced voice that can calm the concerns of the team with bespoke and specific advice.

Towards the end of the project, EY provides an apt means of project refinement and advice by inviting Enactus teams to the Consulting Business Advisory Boards (CBABs), normally held in their London offices. Here, students receive the fantastic opportunity to present their projects to a group of EY consultants and partners as if they were the clients, soliciting recommendations on how to improve their report and presentation further before bestowing the final products to the client. At the conclusion of the presentations, members receive an excellent chance to network with EY, learning more about the profession and how they can apply successfully to roles at the firm.

The Model EWC Consultant

We are looking for driven, creative and committed students who can deliver comprehensive and professional products to our clients. We do not expect any prior consulting experience; students from all years and degrees are welcome.

We recruit for two roles:


  • Team Leaders: confident and determined individuals who are responsible for the successful delivery of the project. We are looking for students with adequate leadership experience, but chiefly, students who are passionate about our work and our clients. No particular background is required (all necessary training is provided by us), however applicants must be beyond their first year of undergraduate study.
  • Team Members: thinkers and problem-solvers who are confident working in a multicultural team. People from any background are welcome, as we attempt to amalgamate teams from a combination of various courses, stages of study (from First Years all the way up to MBA level) and nationalities.



If you wish to enquire more about the roles on offer, we are happy to answer any questions in person or through the email address below.

Why join us?

Joining EWC is an opportunity to develop personally and build consulting experience through a real-world project. By helping our socially impactful client organisations to achieve even more on their mission, each EWC consultant has a chance to make concrete impact on society during their journey. Further, to ensure that all our members get the most out of their experience with us we offer comprehensive support resources to teams, such as:

  • Targeted training for Team Leaders/Members by our partnering consultant professionals and the EWC Executive Team
  • Project-level mentorship from designated EY professionals to maximise the impact of recommendations
  • Wide network of past TLs/TMs, portfolio managers, corporate contacts and members of Enactus UK that can give support to our teams

Joining EWC will also help you boost your CV as well as helping you to land your ‘dream job’ or internship. Having the experience of Enactus helped many of our previous student’s employment to get into great companies such as Bain, Monitor Deloitte, HSBC, PA Consulting, EY and much more!

Application process

Applications are now open!

Applications for Team Member and Team Leader positions at EWC normally open in the first week of the academic year, and close at the end of the third week. However, this is subject to change.

Our application process consists of two stages:

Stage 1: Both Team Member and Team Leader candidates need to fill in our application form, with Team Leader candidates being required to upload a CV as well.

Stage 2: Team Leader candidates will go through individual interviews consisting of competency and motivational questions. Team Member applicants will be invited to attend an assessment centre, where they will be asked to solve a case study with a team.

We encourage all Warwick students to become members of the society as we hold many exciting events and useful training throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook.com/EnactusWarwick for updates!


For any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us at consulting@enactuswarwick.com or to message one of our Executive Team members directly.