About us

Established 7 years ago, Enactus Warwick Consulting leads a legacy of social impact, both locally and internationally, and seeks to expand its reach.

In the 2016/17 academic year, over 70 students joined pro-bono consulting projects orchestrated by Enactus Warwick Consulting, advising SMEs, charities, social enterprises and international organisations such as the UN, award-winning social enterprise Viability, and the National University Health System, Singapore. Identifying our clients’ crucial needs and challenges, we provide research-based recommendations for innovative and practical business solutions. Enactus Warwick Consulting boasts an eclectic scope, advising on market access, finance, internal operations, organic growth and more. With 12 clients in the previous academic year, Enactus Warwick Consulting is one of the largest and most comprehensive student-led consultancy groups in the UK, providing powerful and focused solutions for its clients.


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