We don’t work in the non-profit sector. We work in the for-change sector!

The Commercial division is the revenue-generating stream within Enactus Warwick and its objective is to raise funds to sustain the Social stream and the society in general. Being a member of this stream means acting as a real entrepreneur as you will have to propose, develop and improve your commercial and fundraising ideas. This year the Commercial division will have two ventures running, Bake Sales and Hangover Clean-up, and will be organising a number of different events in order to raise funds, develop its members’ skills and improve our relations with other societies. We are happy to announce Save the Children among our newest partners we hope our collaboration will expand the scope of our events and foster the entrepreneurial spirit, which is at the very core of Enactus.


Applications to Enactus Warwick are now open!


Bake Sale

The operation of Bake Sales are fairly simple yet fundamental as they create the biggest revenue for our society. You will have to work in a team of four people and bake and sell cakes to students on campus. However, as a part of a team you will have to show all your coordination, marketing and selling skills in order to succeed.

Hangover Clean-up

Hangover Clean-up is our newest and most original venture. The idea behind it is simple: kitchens around campus don’t get cleaned properly neither by cleaners nor by students. Especially after flat parties, they cannot be used, and that’s where we kick in! We will clean it for them and get paid in order to raise funds for our society!

However, this is not the most exciting part about the venture. As it is new we decided to get a bit more entrepreneurial and to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the inline platform Crowdfund Campus in order to raise the initial funds we need for it as well as to get in direct contact with students. For ths venture to succeed we need talented students with outstanding marketing, digital and communication skills to set up the campaign. You will get trained with workshop given by our partners and mentors and become a real Generation Y entrepreneur.