Current Projects



Project Baala

Imagine having to choose between sanitation and education? No one should have to make a choice between two basic needs. However, all across the rural areas of India and Africa, one in ten girls is having to make this decision. ‘Baala In Africa’ aims to eradicate this issue by bridging Baala, Warwick alumni run NGO that spreads awareness about menstrual health in India and Warwick In Africa volunteers who will do the same in selected cities in Africa.

Our aims are to source sanitary napkins that are reusable up to 2 years from Baala production sites in India and distribute them in rural villages of Tanzania, Ghana, and South Africa through Warwick in Africa. We will be creating extensive training programmes for Warwick In Africa’s volunteers on sanitary health which will be communicated to the girls in these villages. Raising funds through the year in order to reach a larger audience will also be our objective. So far, Baala has helped 25,000 women and girls across India and our team hopes to use this year to raise this numbers. Learn More


The Gateway is a community project under Enactus Warwick, working with refugees and asylum seekers to improve their livelihoods. This is accomplished through an employability programme. The aim of this is to empower beneficiaries and help them integrate into society by giving them the necessary tools they need to pursue opportunities and advance in life. The Gateway supports 46 beneficiaries, through IT skills, soft skills workshops, mentorship and placement programs.

These consist of three key stages. First, developing skills through tailored workshops. Second, providing a mentorship scheme and a mentor, who guides the fulfillment of job aspirations. Our employability programme not only provides skills and confidence but also helps them plan out how to achieve their aspirations and goals. Third, we hold networking events for our beneficiaries to secure work/volunteering placements with partners. We also have a Research and Development team that works towards raising awareness to help the beneficiaries. They keep a track and regularly update the beneficiaries on any legal news/status of refugees and asylum seekers that may be useful to them. Their main focus is to research on methods to develop and support the refugee and asylum seeker community. Hence, the continuous support and individualistic approach that our programme provides allow us to build a gateway to opportunities for our beneficiaries. Our employability programme endeavors to provide them with opportunities to develop their skills, gain relevant experience in their own chosen field, get a job and improve the quality of their lives.

Food Intercept

Food waste is undeniably a huge problem in our community, and this is exactly why we exist. Food Intercept is a project based around environmental action towards tackling this issue. Our project collects completely edible food from our suppliers that would otherwise be thrown away due to aesthetic reasons which we then donate to our beneficiaries. We provide food to homeless shelters, but also will use the food to empower disadvantaged women by employing them to cook delicious meals, which we will then sell. Check out our website for more details on our partners, operations and the team. Learn More