Current Projects


Project Baala

Imagine having to choose between sanitation and education? No one should have to make a choice between two basic needs. However, all across the rural areas of India and Africa, one in ten girls is having to make this decision. ‘Baala In Africa’ aims to eradicate this issue by bridging Baala, Warwick alumni run NGO that spreads awareness about menstrual health in India and Warwick In Africa volunteers who will do the same in selected cities in Africa.

Our aims are to source sanitary napkins that are reusable up to 2 years from Baala production sites in India and distribute them in rural villages of Tanzania, Ghana, and South Africa through Warwick in Africa. We will be creating extensive training programmes for Warwick In Africa’s volunteers on sanitary health which will be communicated to the girls in these villages. Raising funds through the year in order to reach a larger audience will also be our objective. So far, Baala has helped 25,000 women and girls across India and our team hopes to use this year to raise this numbers. Learn More


Across the UK, refugees and asylum seekers are in desperate need of help. There were 33,000 applications for asylum in Britain last year – and in a foreign land with no job, money or family, these people are amongst the most vulnerable in our society. At Gateway, we challenge this injustice in our community; running weekly workshops and mentoring services to provide them with the skills they need to thrive in our society, and we are now looking to branch into creating our own sustainable business to hire the refugees ourselves. We are a key part of their journey to integration, giving them the ability and confidence to build a new life. We work with people from conflict-ridden countries, political asylum and many more inspirational stories which pushes us further to remove the inequality and stigma surrounding these vulnerable people whilst transforming their lives in the process.

Food Intercept

Food waste is undeniably a huge problem in our community, and this is exactly why we exist. Food Intercept is a project aimed to tackle this issue. Our project collects completely edible food from our suppliers that would otherwise be thrown away due to aesthetic reasons which we transform them into meals that we sell to benefit disadvantaged women. The meals are cooked by the disadvantaged women. Check out our website for more details on our partners and operations. Learn More


ConnectUs aims to enhance student experience by forming meaningful connections. We help alleviate social barriers brought by social isolation or anxiety; as well as superficial matching that prevents forming long-term sustainable relationships. We achieve this by using an algorithm to match our clients based on a value-based questionnaire they fill in when they sign up for our services in events or other occasions.

The People’s Backpack

Some might call us the world’s most sustainable backpack, we’ll let the people decide. The People’s Backpack is a social enterprise which is designed to make a meaningful impact to the global refugee crisis. 44,000 people are forced to flee their home due to conflict and persecution every day. Refugees face an incredibly dangerous journey due to issues such as hostile weather, exploitation and the fear of the unknown which can have degrading physical and mental health effects. Refugees also suffer a tremendous amount of stigma within a society which has unfair government policies and individuals who don’t treat refugees as people. The People’s Backpack is designed to tackle the key issues faced by displaced people around the world, and especially refugees. Through producing and distributing a backpack, we aim to support refugees through providing an energy solution which means they can maintain communication with friends, family and support networks. The backpack will contain an education pack which empowers them for the future through helping refugees integrate into their new country. This backpack for refugees will be financed by the sale of sustainably produced backpacks which have been designed in Milan Italy. The backpacks on sale and for refugees have a similar design to represent our message of equality. We’re part of a movement to support refugees in the desperate situation which they are in and empower them for the future through creating an inclusive society because at the end of the day, we’re all PEOPLE!

Please contact or find us @thepeoplesbackpack on social media.


Ethically made attire with the intention to inspire.

VieVita is about purposeful products to support the ideology that every decision, action, and thought can be guided by kindness. By doing this, eventually people will begin to notice that even the smallest of acts creates a ripple effect that travels unimaginable distances. We believe that no human is illegal and that we all deserve to have a safe place to call home. Let’s start showing more kindness to other living beings to help achieve the world we all deserve. It’s not that hard.