The Bank of Bermuda Foundation

The Bank of Bermuda Foundation

Established as a set of trusts designed to empower Bermudians, the Bank of Bermuda Foundation has recently overhauled its operating strategy to target and strategically combat Bermuda’s poignant concerns. Building upon the work of consultants and its esteemed tradition of philanthropy, the Foundation has devised a Theory of Change framework, identifying key drivers of socioeconomic disparity whereby intervention is crucial for altering the island’s heading. How these changes should be implemented, however, including their form and their timing, resides a more ambiguous matter. As the Foundation, led by an array of skilled and experienced professionals, prepares to spearhead a newly transformative role in shaping Bermuda’s social fabric, Enactus Warwick Consulting has offered to help, exploring new and innovative methods for problems already confronting Western society on a much larger and more complicated scale.




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