Enactus Warwick recruits the brightest and most ambitious students to give them the opportunity to excel towards a social goal. We’re a leading society on campus for social impact through our high quality projects and experience. Students undertake an intense commitment to our projects towards a bigger vision of how we want our world to be.

Our culture is genuinely social, supportive and collaborative. We all get together every few weeks to celebrate project successes, resolve project challenges, learn from each other and have fun.

Our team sets the bar high. Our people drive our projects.

Please note that all the roles posted are available for all students at Warwick University, for all subjects and all years of study.



Innovation Unit


Software Developer

What you’ll be doing:

  • Improving and maintaining the ConnectUs website and other products
  • Working closely with the product & strategy unit to understand what customers need and implementing features to meet those needs
  • Protecting the website against external threat and data breaches/misuse
  • Helping with the organisation of ConnectUs especially during events (if you want to)
  • We are a small team so you will be able to have a large impact in many aspects of the project if you want


  • Interested in the business idea and has a passion to learn and develop technical skills
  • Programming experience
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Able to take the initiative to do what you think will be useful without always being instructed

Useful Skills:

  • Experience with git, especially GitHub
  • Web development experience (front or backend)
  • Comfortable with PHP, JavaScript and MYSQL
  • Understanding of web architecture, particularly shared hosting and cPanel

Business Development Executive 

  • Identify and manage partnerships with other societies, different departments  of the university and other universities, other startups and established businesses
  • Identify and manage sponsorships for funding ConnectUs’  products and services such as events and web services

Chief Compliance Officer 

  • Manage impacts and mitigation strategies to contain or prepare for risks
  • Adept or willing to learn about company law and GDPR
  • Responsible for compliance checks internally and externally
  • Involve in strategic decision making with compliance & risk knowledge

Community Head 

  • Build and Maintaining  an external ConnectUs community
  • Build, Manage and sustain community projects to enhance the intrinsic value and brand of ConnectUs
  • Organise community meets-ups and events for ConnectUs in collaboration or in isolation to raise brand awareness
  • Working on ancillary projects within ConnectUs to expand services to a wider context in different environments.
  • Conceptualising and iteratively testing out new ideas in order to enhance the brand value of ConnectUs

Business Operations Executive 

  • Active internal communication (dissemination & collection of information) for operational alignments
  • Collaborate with different internal stakeholders to make sure tasks are completed effectively
  • Oversee the functions of each department  to ensure synergies are maintained
  • Conciliation and arbitration for potential internal interest conflicts

Marketing Manager  

  • Collaborating with other functions; namely community and business development to effectively formulate a marketing strategy.
  • Implementing the marketing strategy efficiently and measuring key metrics to effectively communicate brand values to the market.
  • A deep understanding of the brand:  ConnectUs, and how it can be improved to effectively communicate its values.

Graphic Design Requirements:

  • Not compulsory but an asset; interests and passion would suffice to enter
  • Working closely with the marketing team to ensure marketing strategy is in alignment with design
  • Understanding the brand and translating it into creative visuals in the form of posts on social media
  • Develop video content for social media, based on particular events

Product and Strategy Executive

  • Research on constantly innovating and improving product and service features, including the questionnaire fed to the algorithm, primarily by incorporating stakeholders’ (including customers) feedback
  • Work closely and regularly with the marketing unit to foster positioning of the brand in the market
  • Support strategic functions by research-based recommendations on market & business development and management

The People’s Backpack

Social Media manager

As our social media manager, you will be responsible for ensuring that the social media presence of The People’s Backpack drives our social enterprise to success! We want you to create content which inspires people to change their perception of refugees so that we celebrate rather than ignore them and from this content, we hope to increase the sales of our backpack. You will also be responsible for increasing our followers and messaging our followers to create engagement that supports our movement for supporting and empowering refugees. You will need to be creative, self-motivated, great at knowing how to engage with people online and passionate about supporting refugees. We also have connections with some incredible social media managers of big instagram pages who will be on hand to support you!



Missed the deadline? Couldn’t apply? Couldn’t find the role you are looking for? We still encourage you to become a member of the society as we hold many exciting events and useful training throughout the year. We encourage you to submit your CV, we will contact you if a new project or opportunity arises.

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