Exec Positions




Internal Only

– Responsible for the planning and execution of EW national competitions, training, socials and meetings

– Responsible for effective communication within the society

Finance Director

Internal Only

– Plan the budget, update year expenditure and income accounts and handle reimbursements

– Responsible for applications for grants and sponsorship and financial relations

– Cooperate with stream leaders and PMs for ensuring financial consistency and execution

Relations Director

Internal Only

– Ensure the execution of the Business Advisory Board

– Coordinating external events, partnerships and relations

– Cooperate with stream leaders and PMs to ensure external relation consistency and execution

 Marketing Director

– Responsible for the planning and execution of EW and stream marketing including recruitment, events and materials

– Cooperate with stream leaders and PMs to ensure marketing consistency and execution

Technology Director

– Ensure both the front and back end of the EW website is maintained

– Cooperate with stream leaders and PMs for website content updates

Data and Sustainability Director

– Create a centralised impact assessment system implementation.

– Collect and assess data from each Enactus Warwick project to produce an annual impact report

President / Vice President

Internal Only – Election Based (Voting only by Enactus Warwick active members)

– Responsible for setting and implementing the society’s vision, mission statement and sustainability plan for the year in office

– Cooperate with executive members to ensure the overall execution of the societies short and long term obligations and goals

– Liaise with Enactus UK, University Advisors and Alumni Advisors as required.

– Driver for new projects and activities within the society while ensuring member engagement and satisfaction

– Cooperate with stream leaders to ensure the successful execution of the streams projects

Social Enterprise Director

– Cooperate with the CRD executive to organise BABs and maintain a strong Enactus Warwick network

– Ensure that projects are following the Enactus frameworks

– Relay information from Enactus UK and the Enactus Warwick Execs to the rest of the stream

– Help construct long-term project plans and set realistic targets for individual projects

– Ensure Project Planning is completed over the summer holidays, are maintained and re-evaluated throughout the year

– Supervise the operation of projects, giving updates to the Executive Committee where necessary

– Coordinate with Project Managers to ensure optimal project performance and support them in overcoming obstacles

– Recruit new Project Managers and SE Director(s)

Consulting Director

Internal – Consulting Only

– Coordination of all the work being done by the CPMs, the MCE and the OE 

– Devising and ensuring the execution of long-term internal development initiatives for EWC 

– Working tightly in cooperation with directors of other streams of Enactus Warwick as well as President and VP to develop Enactus Warwick in general while making sure that EWC fits well into this development 

– Leading the relationships with partner companies and societies

Client Portfolio Manager

Internal – Consulting Only

– Securing clients and defining the initial project scope 

– Acting as a point of contact between Enactus and clients 

– Overseeing a portfolio of projects and ensuring quality of deliverables 

– Ensuring teams receive all the support they need throughout the project

Consulting Operations Executive

Internal – Consulting Only

– Ascertaining that all main operations of EWC are planned sufficiently in advance, facilitating effective planning before the operating academic year 

– Planning the consulting timeline and events, along with the other consulting Exec

– Organising the recruitment of team leaders and team members (supported by the other Exec)

– Designing effective training events throughout the year 

– Innovating new events to increase engagement within the society

Consulting Marketing & Communications Executive

Internal – Consulting Only

– The marketing of consulting stream for recruitment, which includes 

    • Designing the recruitment materials together with other marketing personnel of the society 
    • Designing recruitment events and leading info presentations etc., running these events together with other consulting Exec 
    • Managing advertising and public communications, establishing the required channels for effective communications

– Developing marketing as a whole 

– Conducting internal communications to the members of consulting throughout the academic year (managing social media, email newsletter..), ensuring that members are well aware of what is happening, when do trainings and general society events take place etc. 

– Designing the layout and writing the content of the proposed website, and how it will change over time to reflect the different stages of operations of EWC. 

Food Intercept Project Manager / Co-Project Manager

– Requirement: Passionate about food waste and driven to make an environmental and social impact

– Requirement: Able to identify issues and potential pitfalls and find solutions for the benefit and growth of the project 

– Oversee all operations run smoothly for events and weekly stalls

– Frequently liaise with other Enactus exec’s, Mum’s Kitchen, other societies and sustainability and impact team

Food Intercept Operations Member

External Only

– Requirement: Able to drive and owns a vehicle(all costs will be reimbursable)

– Responsible for overall operations of the stalls 

– Responsibilities include liaising with externally, collecting food and retail management and sales 

– Passion for reducing local food waste

– Commitment for term 2 only

ConnectUs Software Developer

What you’ll be doing:

  • Improving and maintaining the ConnectUs website and other products
  • Working closely with the product & strategy unit to understand what customers need and implementing features to meet those needs
  • Protecting the website against external threat and data breaches/misuse
  • Helping with the organisation of ConnectUs especially during events (if you want to)
  • We are a small team so you will be able to have a large impact in many aspects of the project if you want


  • Interested in the business idea and has a passion to learn and develop technical skills
  • Programming experience
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Able to take the initiative to do what you think will be useful without always being instructed

Useful Skills:

  • Experience with git, especially GitHub
  • Web development experience (front or backend)
  • Comfortable with PHP, JavaScript and MYSQL
  • Understanding of web architecture, particularly shared hosting and cPanel

ConnectUs Business Development Executive 

  • Identify and manage partnerships with other societies, different departments  of the university and other universities, other startups and established businesses
  • Identify and manage sponsorships for funding ConnectUs’  products and services such as events and web services

ConnectUs Chief Compliance Officer 

  • Manage impacts and mitigation strategies to contain or prepare for risks
  • Adept or willing to learn about company law and GDPR
  • Responsible for compliance checks internally and externally
  • Involve in strategic decision making with compliance & risk knowledge

ConnectUs Community Head

  • Build and Maintaining  an external ConnectUs community
  • Build, Manage and sustain community projects to enhance the intrinsic value and brand of ConnectUs
  • Organise community meets-ups and events for ConnectUs in collaboration or in isolation to raise brand awareness
  • Working on ancillary projects within ConnectUs to expand services to a wider context in different environments.
  • Conceptualising and iteratively testing out new ideas in order to enhance the brand value of ConnectUs

ConnectUs Business Operations Executive 

  • Active internal communication (dissemination & collection of information) for operational alignments
  • Collaborate with different internal stakeholders to make sure tasks are completed effectively
  • Oversee the functions of each department  to ensure synergies are maintained
  • Conciliation and arbitration for potential internal interest conflicts

ConnectUs Marketing Manager

  • Collaborating with other functions; namely community and business development to effectively formulate a marketing strategy.
  • Implementing the marketing strategy efficiently and measuring key metrics to effectively communicate brand values to the market.
  • A deep understanding of the brand:  ConnectUs, and how it can be improved to effectively communicate its values.

Graphic Design Requirements:

  • Not compulsory but an asset; interests and passion would suffice to enter
  • Working closely with the marketing team to ensure marketing strategy is in alignment with design
  • Understanding the brand and translating it into creative visuals in the form of posts on social media
  • Develop video content for social media, based on particular events

ConnectUs Product and Strategy Executive

  • Research on constantly innovating and improving product and service features, including the questionnaire fed to the algorithm, primarily by incorporating stakeholders’ (including customers) feedback
  • Work closely and regularly with the marketing unit to foster positioning of the brand in the market
  • Support strategic functions by research-based recommendations on market & business development and management

Innovation Unit Director

Gateway Team Leader

Interal Only

Baala Team Leader

The Ideas Group Team Leader

The Innovation Hub Team Leader



Missed the deadline? Couldn’t apply? Couldn’t find the role you are looking for? We still encourage you to become a member of the society as we hold many exciting events and useful training throughout the year. We encourage you to submit your CV, we will contact you if a new project or opportunity arises.

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