Innovation Unit


The Innovation Unit’s main aim is to identify problems (coupled to at least one of the 17 UN sustainability goals) on-campus as well as around it, but can reach as far as India (e.g. Baala project), and find solutions for these. Those solution consist mostly of feasible project ideas that will ultimately result in an independent social enterprise within Enactus Warwick. It is the idea generating machine and tries to expand the reach and diversity of our social enterprise portfolio. Therefore, formally, the Innovation unit accompanies a social enterprise from the very beginning on (Conceptual Phase), further to the Feasibility & Development Phase and hand the project over at the Launch Phase to an independently recruited team or integral the new project into an existing social enterprise.

The Innovation Unit wants to create a professional atmosphere in order to work more efficiently and most importantly, understand how to identify problems and tackle them by getting an understanding about Enactus’ means and how to use them most effectively.


Enactus Innovation Advisory Network (EIAN)

The Innovation Unit tries to create a network for closer relationships between individual Enactus branches. The Enactus Innovation Advisory Network (EIAN), is a network especially designed for Enactus social enterprises across the UK (as a first step, with the possibility to expand beyond). Other Enactus branches can submit their current projects to a specifically designed platform on the Enactus Warwick website and formulate problems for us to find feasible solutions and present those to them within a guaranteed time-frame.

Innovation Hub

Live on campus is great. Numerous possibilities to engage, to socialise and ultimately, to contest. Innovation Hub is one of the hot competitions on campus. It is a 3-day contest over three rounds for teams to come up with sales techniques, pitch decks and business plans – everything committed to social enterprise. In the end, the winner will be awarded a budget to start their social enterprise, either with the help of Innovation Unit or independently – and will be given constructive feedback by a panel (incl. Amazon, VAI Trade, etc.).


EMOCCO is an online marketplace for you to rent items during the academic year. The process is simple and is flexible: you find an item you want, you receive it when you want, and you return it at the end of the term. Alongside supporting students with keeping living costs down by offering cheap rental solutions, we also promote the reduction of waste on our planet. Our goal is to squeeze every drop of useful life from any product, be it a Bicycle, Coffee Machine, or any Electronic Device. The Innovation Unit is currently working at scaling this project in order to offer a wider range of products as a service.

For more information about EMOCCO, please contact


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The People’s Backpack

Some might call us the world’s most sustainable backpack, we’ll let the people decide. The People’s Backpack is a social enterprise which is designed to make a meaningful impact to the global refugee crisis. 44,000 people are forced to flee their home due to conflict and persecution every day. Refugees face an incredibly dangerous journey due to issues such as hostile weather, exploitation and the fear of the unknown which can have degrading physical and mental health effects. Refugees also suffer a tremendous amount of stigma within a society which has unfair government policies and individuals who don’t treat refugees as people. The People’s Backpack is designed to tackle the key issues faced by displaced people around the world, and especially refugees. Through producing and distributing a backpack, we aim to support refugees through providing an energy solution which means they can maintain communication with friends, family and support networks. The backpack will contain an education pack which empowers them for the future through helping refugees integrate into their new country. This backpack for refugees will be financed by the sale of sustainably produced backpacks which have been designed in Milan Italy. The backpacks on sale and for refugees have a similar design to represent our message of equality. We’re part of a movement to support refugees in the desperate situation which they are in and empower them for the future through creating an inclusive society because at the end of the day, we’re all PEOPLE!

Please contact or find us @thepeoplesbackpack on social media.