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Project Baala

Project Baala (Website)

Team Member

  • Ability to monitor the project and identify issues associated with it
  • Excellent communication and team working skills
  • Graphic designing skills
  • Organisational and planning skills – meeting deadlines
  • Problem-solving skills – to ensure it meets Enactus criteria
  • Brainstorm ideas to make the project self-sustainable
  • Attending social enterprise meetings

Project Manager

All responsibilities of a team member and :

  • Assure the stability of the project and the good organisation of the team.
  • Responsible for communicating with the Operations team in India on a regular basis
  • Ensuring each team member have a specific purpose and task.
  • Consistently measuring and updating the impact and empowerment figures of the project
  • Respect the code of conduct of Enactus Warwick.
  • Supervising the running of the project here in the UK
  • Constantly updating the social enterprise director, the project partners, and the alumni.
  • Responsible for applying for Individual Topic Competitions for the project in assistance with the Finance Director
  • Sustaining the relations with the Business advisors along with the Corporate Relations and Engagement Director in order to improve the project.

For more information about Project Baala, check out the following pages :


Strategic Development & Analytics (SD&A)

Team Operations

Main Goals

  •  Collect metrics for current teams matching their selected metrics
  •  Measure the impact of past projects matching the developed metrics (to the best of the team’s ability)
  •  Create a report for EY about the impact of Enactus Warwick Consulting portfolio
  • Create a solution for archiving and searching for Enactus Warwick Consulting best practices (e.g. a database archive of case studies), as based on the impact metrics
  • Improving the framework, solving any potential problems that may arise from its
  • Implementation, ensuring that the framework is kept up to date

Team Leader

  • Extensive autonomy in directing the design and usage of both the metrics and the archival/knowledge transfer solution
  • Coordinates and directs the activities of the team in the same manner as any other Enactus Warwick Consulting TL
    • Establishes and facilitates the use of effective collaboration tools (communications,file sharing etc.)
    • Manages tasks and deadlines, designs timelines
    •  Assists Team Members with any issues related to their personal workload
    • Ensures effective sharing, facilitation and development of the ideas the TMs havefor the execution of the project
    • Responsible for consulting the Exec/EY mentor/Director in face of challenges
    • Ultimately responsible for the Team to deliver tangible progress within the timeconstraints
  • Responsible for finalising the skill requirements and profile of the team, part of the finalselection of the IM Team Members
  • Works tightly in cooperation with
    • Enactus Warwick Consulting Exec (especially the director)
    •  The assigned EY mentor
  • Ideal characteristics:
    • Strong interest in operational strategy
    • Extensive quantitative skills, experience from databases/equivalent a definite plus
    • Desire to get creative
    • Leadership skills
    • Strong understanding of the Enactus Warwick Consulting project structure and nature of impact


Team Member

Among the duties of being on the fundraising team at Enactus Warwick are the following:

  • Plan the fundraising events sufficiently in advance, facilitating effective planning before the operating academic year.
  • Come up with innovative and functioning fundraising events to raise funds in a sustainable matter.
  • Reach out to different societies and set up pop-up stalls for fundraising.


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