Food Intercept

Welcome to the official website of the Warwick Food Intercept Project.

About us

Out of sight, out of mind” is often associated with the problem of food waste. Food waste is a problem that wastes resources, creates greenhouse gases and harms biodiversity.

This is our motivation behind Food Intercept. We are a group of passionate students keen to make an environmental and social impact in our area. We are split into teams that are involved in Operations, Strategy, Marketing and Finance. We take food that is perfectly edible to eat but is thrown away for mainly aesthetic reasons, and transform them into hearty warm meals with the help of our partner, Mum’s Kitchen. Mum’s Kitchen is an organisation that helps give financial freedom to disadvantaged women in Coventry. We will be selling the delicious food every Monday on campus at the Chaplaincy from 12-3pm. A portion of the revenue made from the sales of the meals will go back to the mums involved in cooking the food. We also host events on campus to raise awareness about food waste on campus!

Why is Food Intercept needed?

Social enterprises like Food Intercept are needed now more than ever. The value of food thrown away each year is in excess of $1 trillion. Over 1 billion people across the world are malnourished and yet just 1/4 of the food waste from Europe and North America could feed these people if distributed more efficiently.

In addition to this, excessive farming often causes huge environmental problems such as fertilizer related eutrophication into rivers and lakes leaving them ecologically dead, widespread deforestation in countries such as Brazil to clear land for farming and CO2/methane emissions through mechanized farming. Farming accounts for 13.5% of global man made CO2 emissions. If we can reduce food waste and subsequently the need to farm as much, we can curtail the severity of many of these problems.

Furthermore, our donations to homeless charities are helping to solve the huge strain of the 33,400 people living in unsecure housing, being homeless or sofa surfing in Warwickshire.


An overview of our team operates

Strategy: The strategy team is responsible for creating and maintaining relations with suppliers, organising the project overall, and setting out new objectives to expand our impact.

Retail: The retail team is skilled in consumer relations, their role being that of organising product sales and pitching our products to the customers at our stalls on and off our campus.

Marketing: The marketing team is responsible for the public image of the project. They do this by taking care of branding and social media, reaching out to our customers and stakeholders.

Collections: The collections team visits suppliers on a weekly basis to collect the food donations, connecting them with Mum’s kitchen to provide the latter with cooking ingredients.

Finance: The finance team’s tasks comprise an overview of the costs and revenues within the society, applications for grants and determination of the pricing strategies for our stalls.


How you can help food sustainability

There are a plethora of ways that you can help us improve the sustainability of the food industry and reduce food waste. You can support us financially by buying our delicious and sustainable smoothies on campus. All profits from these sales will go to local homeless charities.

You can also reduce food waste by freezing foods like bread and milk to increase their use by dates exponentially. It is also possible to get the freshest food that lasts the longest at supermarkets by shopping on the days where supermarkets restock their shelves. If you wish to get involved with us or find out more, please get in touch using the contact details below.

Our Team

Heads of the Project

Head of our project (Jaanvi): “The overall goal for the project this year is to expand our operations by partnering up with Mum’s kitchen and selling the products they cook to empower women they employ This is as well as increasing our suppliers and presence on campus and online.”

Jaanvi Tanna
Head of Warwick Food Intercept
Sophie Meakin
Deputy Head of Warwick Food Intercept


Strategy (Clarice)  – “We aim to push new boundaries by getting more green grocers and supermarkets on board this year as our suppliers for fruits and vegetables and maintain relationships with our current suppliers – Fareshare and Coventry Market.”

Clarice Teh
Head of Strategy
Niclas Kern
Strategy Team and Web Design
Larabella Myers
Strategy Team
Luke Netherclift
Strategy Team


Retail (Meher) – “Our plans are currently to have stalls on campus to sell the food we collect from Mum’s kitchen to students. These will be made from the excess food that supermarkets such as Coventry Market give us and will be an excellent and innovative way to reduce food waste.”

Meher Khushal
Head of Retail
Aditi Agarwal
Retail Team
Fiyin Durojaiye
Retail Team


Marketing (Lisa) – “We will be working on Facebook posts with easy tips for students to reduce food waste, promoting our events, opening an Instagram account, a website, and even our own monthly newsletter.”

Lisa Lueger
Head of Marketing
Maria Timofeeva
Marketing Team
Meha Patel
Marketing Team
George Gibson
Marketing Team

Collection and Donations

Collections and Donations (Tom) – “Our aims for this year are to increase our capacity and ability to collect from suppliers and to make an even bigger impact with our food donations this year.”

Tom Stevens
Head of Collection and Donation
Alexandra O'Connell
Collection and Donation Team
Pd Fong
Collection and Donations Team
Ines Mory
Collection and Donations Team
Flore Pradelle
Collection and Donations Team
Rikhil Shah
Collection and Donations Team
Nesha Ramful
Collection and Donations Team
Amanda Chan
Collection and Donations Team


Finance (Sahil) – “Our aim for this year is to develop a comprehensive cost and revenue structure for our stall on campus and aim to maximise sales in order to maximise impact and self sustainability of our project.”

Sahil Nathani
Head of Finance
Max Palmer
Finance Team

Our Partners

Mum’s Kitchen CIC is an initiative that was introduced to build confidence and reduce social isolation amongst minority women in and around Coventry. These may be women who have been dealt a bad hand in life or simply want to be surrounded by those from a similar background. Our partnership with them will involve our team providing raw fruits and vegetables, which these women will then cook and transform into hot meals, and non perishable items such as chutneys and jams. We will then sell these products on the Warwick Campus, and thus, providing the mums employed with a source of income.

Coventry market is a freshfood market held in Coventry primarily selling fruits and vegetables. We are partnering up with 4-5 stalls from the market, who are willing to donate to us crates of fruit and vegetables that are perfect to eat but just left unsold during the day, and which would otherwise be thrown away

Fareshare is the uk’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. We partner up with fareshare warehouses who donate to us food items which are perfectly edible to andbut would be thrown away -such as baked goods, breads and vegetables which we then donate to our beneficiaries

Want to learn more? Contact us!