Executive Recruitment

Applications to join the Enactus Warwick Executive are now open and will close on the 7th of February, 2018.

Open positions include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Finance Director
  • Corporate Relations and Engagement Director
  • Technology Director
  • Social Enterprise Director
  • Marketing and Communications Officer of Social Enterprise
  • Project Managers for Social Enterprise

To apply for positions in the Consulting Stream of Enactus Warwick, please see the relevant page where you can apply for Consulting Director, Client Portfolio Manager (CPM) or Marketing and Communications Officer of Consulting (MCO).

The 2018/19 Enactus Executive will form part of a newly reformed and streamlined managerial initiative, with successful applicants promptly receiving training from the out-going incumbents. Following an initial screening, all candidates who apply for non-presidential positions will receive an invitation to interview. Those who apply to President or Vice President will be invited to elections, where candidates will present their vision for Enactus and the positions will go to a member vote.

All applicants must be current and active members of Enactus Warwick.

The 2018/19 Executive will adopt the following organisational structure:

Role descriptions are presented below.


  • Serves as the head of the Executive Committee and will preside over Executive Committee meetings, and represent the society in all other duly constituted university forums and meetings;
  • Is responsible for setting and implementing the society’s vision, mission statement and sustainability plan for the year in office;
  • Will support network building within the university and communities;
  • Will oversee the appointment and development of the Competition Team;
  • Liaise with Enactus UK, University Advisors and Alumni Advisors as required.


Vice President

  • The Vice President shall play a supporting role to the President and assist in all matters under the instruction of the President;
  • Will act in the absence of the President;
  • Conduct all internal executive correspondence, minutes and other clerical requirements of the Executive Committee;
  • Send out weekly newsletters to members, including relaying messages from our Enactus UK and Enactus Warwick Sponsor Companies;
  • Inform project leaders and members of any incoming deadlines set by Enactus UK;
  • Mediate the marketing efforts of the society by coordinating with the MCOs and resolve all issues in this regard. 


Support Roles


Finance Director


  • Plan budget for the year ahead and ensure it is stuck to throughout the year;
  • Fill in budget form on the SU website;
  • Maintain and update year expenditure and income accounts;
  • Submit reimbursement forms to SU and be responsible for timely reimbursements;
  • Oversee grant applications for projects with Project Managers;
  • Responsible for sourcing and overseeing applications for sponsorship;
  • Come up with innovative means of raising money for the society (and the projects);
  • Attend all meetings of the Executive Committee, unless formally excused by the President.


  • Recruit the fundraising team;
  • Ensure that fundraising events are planned sufficiently in advance, facilitating effective planning before the operating academic year (Easter break, Term 3, Summer);
  • Oversee the operations of the Fundraising Team;
  • Come up with innovative fundraising events to raise money in a sustainable manner;
  • Set appropriate aims and directions for fundraising events, advising throughout the year;
  • Attend all meetings of the Executive Committee, unless formally excused by the President.


Corporate Relations and Engagement Director

Corporate Relations:

  • Keep in contact with and maintain a healthy relationship with Business Advisors (“BAs”) and Alumni Advisors;
  • Work as point of contact between BAs and Enactus Warwick, optimally assigning BAs as mentors to individual projects;
  • Cooperate with Project Managers and Client Portfolio Managers to organise Business Advisory Boards (BABs) and Consultancy Business Advisory Boards (CBABs);
  • Maintain a strong Enactus Warwick Network and ensuring engagement of BAs;
  • Attend all meetings of the Executive Committee, unless formally excused by the President.


  • Coordinate with executive team to ensure member engagement satisfaction through organising internal events
  • Design, create and organise new social events and initiatives for Enactus Warwick members
  • Determine new mechanisms by which to improve cohesion between the various Enactus streams
  • Organise internal and external Training events for Enactus Warwick. 


Technology Director

  • Ensure website quality is maintained to an acceptable standard;
  • Develop back-end of Enactus Warwick website;
  • Cooperate with the executive team for the website’s content updates;
  • Responsible for correcting broken links, web-server maintenance, etc.;
  • Responsible for maintaining the common platform for communication within the society;
  • Attend all meetings of the Executive Committee, unless formally excused by the President.

Stream Roles

Consulting Director

  • Devising and ensuring the execution of long-term internal development initiatives for the consulting stream;
  • Ascertaining that all main operations of the consulting stream are planned sufficiently in advance, facilitating effective planning before the operating academic year (Easter break, Term 3, Summer);
  • Working tightly in cooperation with directors of other streams of Enactus Warwick as well as President and VP to develop Enactus Warwick in general while making sure that the consulting stream fits well into this development;
  • Leading the relationship with EY;
  • Supporting the CPMs and MCO in the overall coordination of the Consulting division;
  • Ultimately responsible for general operations tasks being done in time;
  • Attend all meetings of the Executive Committee, unless formally excused by the President.


Social Enterprise Director

  • Keep in contact with local community groups and charities;
  • Keep in touch with CRED support networks of Enactus UK;
  • Cooperate with the CRED executive to organise BABs and maintain a strong Enactus Warwick network;
  • Sourcing for Project Partners and establishing contact;
  • Recruit Project Managers for social projects via interview;
  • Help construct long-term project plans and set realistic targets for individual projects;
  • Ensure Project Planning is completed over the summer holidays, are maintained and re-evaluated throughout the year;
  • Supervise the operation of projects, giving updates to the Executive Committee where necessary;
  • Coordinate with Project Managers to ensure optimal project performance.
  • Attend all meetings of the Executive Committee, unless formally excused by the President.


Client Portfolio Manager

  • Supporting the other CPMs, the Director of Consulting and the Marketing & Communications Officer in the overall coordination of the consultancy division, including the planning of events and the consulting timeline;
  • Building client relationships with new and continuing project partners, and defining the initial project scope;
  • Acting as a point of contact between Enactus and clients;
  • Supporting the society's ongoing partnership with EY;
  • Processing, interviewing and assessing applicants for Team Member and Team Leader positions;
  • Organising and facilitating various Enactus Warwick Consulting events, including, and especially, consultancy training sessions for consulting Members;
  • Ensuring the smooth running of student consultancy projects within the CPM’s respective portfolio, leading teams to deliver a professional and comprehensive product to the client;
  • Ensuring teams receive all the support they need throughout the project;


Marketing and Communications Officer

(one each for both Consulting and Social Enterprise)

  • The marketing of consulting/social enterprise stream for recruitment, which includes:
    • Designing the recruitment materials together with other marketing personnel;
    • Designing recruitment events and leading info presentations etc., and running these events together with other Exec;
    • Managing advertising and public communications, establishing the required channels for effective communications;
    • Handling recruitment event logistics;
    • Driving new innovation to develop marketing as a whole;
  • Innovating new events to increase engagement within the society as well as in partnerships with other societies;
  • Conducting public communications to the members of consulting throughout the academic year (managing social media), ensuring that members are well aware of what is happening, when do trainings and general society events take place etc.;
  • Designing the layout and writing the content of the respective stream section of the website, and how it will change over time to reflect the different stages of operations of the stream;
  • Regularly coordinating with the MCO of the other stream for society-wide marketing, and informing the VP of any marketing developments, especially if inter-stream discoordination arises;
  • Monitoring the stream’s various communication channels for client/partner interest or contact from either members or non-members.