About Us


What is Enactus Warwick ?

Enactus is a global phenomenon, but its every university organisation functions differently. At Enactus Warwick, members take action and seek to make a difference. Projects at Enactus Warwick use entrepreneurial initiative to solve some of the world’s toughest problems with imaginative and innovative solutions.

Our members rely on teamwork, ingenuity and unrestrained creativity to devise operational frameworks that enact a tangible social impact, and which change the world one step at a time.

Enactus’s universal brand brings much recognition to the Enactus Warwick society, but much of the society’s reputation stems from its own work in the local and international community. From the development of innovative social enterprises in the local Coventry area to consulting international organisations like the United Nations, Enactus Warwick has championed the talents of students from the University of Warwick, providing professional services to its partners, value to its community and opportunity to its members.

Although making profit is essential for a social enterprise to be self-sufficient, our main priority is to solve a specific social or environmental issue. Tackling diverse problems such as food waste, homelessness and the inclusion of refugees, these projects aim to have a long-term social and environmental impact both locally and internationally.

Enactus Warwick Consulting is a student-led pro-bono consulting group which offers strategic advice to businesses, social enterprises and charities. Our work centers around using entrepreneurial action to cultivate positive social change. As a result, we consult multifarious start-ups, business, organizations and charities whose work and goals we deem to be socially impactful.

Serving the broader business community our Innovation Unit is a first of its kind venture undertaken by an Enactus team to develop the existing projects and generate new ideas. Our main aim is to find solutions to problems (in line with the UN sustainability goals) not only in our local community but also internationally that can act as the foundation for a new social enterprise.